A New Yorker trained in classical Feng Shui, and the 6th generation disciple of Grand Master Tang Yang Wu. 

You may be asking how I got into Feng Shui.

Well, the idea of energy flow has always resonated deeply with me, and I’ve always sought out ways to positively direct it. Before my professional certification, I was constantly piecing together rudimentary DIY Feng Shui to fix my career, money, or relationship problems. I read books, arranged trinkets, and attended amateur seminars, only to realize that all the information I was finding was too broad and extremely inconsistent. Without a more definite understanding, my problems would never be fixed, and my energy would never find balance.

I retreated to the understanding I had of Feng Shui as a child, that Feng Shui was a mysterious, complex, and highly coveted knowledge practiced in the Imperial Palace. In my adulthood, I’d only been encountering westernized interpretations and often simplification of what is a complex ancient Chinese practice. It became crystal clear to me that the translation did not compute. I had to get serious and seek out a professional education on the subject.

By immersing myself in the truest form of Feng Shui, I discerned my purpose; to help you align your environment to accelerate your aspirations. Which is exactly what I was seeking to do for myself when I started my journey in Feng Shui. I want to bring classical Feng Shui to modern homes and businesses, because I know it is a powerful and effective tool when applied correctly. 

My goal is to dispel the myths associated with Feng Shui and to be a knowledgeable advisor to my clients. Let me use thousands of years of wisdom to help you live the life you’ve been seeking.