Date Selection

Date selection is a traditional Chinese practice that aims to find the most auspicious date to undertake a particular activity (i.e. wedding, move into new house, burial, etc.).

Date selection was derived from compilations of observations and recording of astrological and cosmological events by the ancient Chinese scholars. Through generations of observing these cosmic patterns, they were able to form correlations between patterns in the sky to events and phenomenons on earth.

In modern day, date selection have expanded to beyond burial, harvesting and various religious activities. Below is a non-exhaustive list of activities that will benefit from using date selection.


  • Wedding
  • Marriage proposal
  • Move into new house
  • Medical treatments (i.e. surgeries)
  • Start a new job
  • Interviews
  • Enroll in school
  • Investments
  • Start a diet, etc. 


  • Business grand opening
  • Sign contracts
  • Job interviews
  • Negotiation
  • Business travel, etc.

Date selection is not magic and it does not guarantee absolute success in any endeavor that you undertake. The goal of date selection is to match the activity (i.e. wedding) with the energy of the day and find the most suitable day for you to undertake said activity. 

For example, date selection for wedding is to help you start off with the most auspicious energy to carry into your marriage. It does not guarantee smooth sailing or void of any obstacles, only that when trouble arises you both can resolve it in the most respectful way possible.

Wedding Date Selection

  • Review of both partner's Chinese Bazi chart
  • Most auspicious dates for wedding reception
  • Most auspicious date and time to sign the marriage certificate
  • Most auspicious time for religious ceremony
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