Classical Feng Shui is the study of time and space and how these forces interact with each other. Feng Shui aims to balance these forces and when optimal balance is achieved, you are more likely to enjoy better health, more wealth, and more meaningful relationships.

  • Finding a home or business office
  • Strengthening and improving relationships
  • Getting a job, a raise or promotion
  • Enhancing study and focus on your field of interest
  • Stimulating your social or romantic life
  • Boosting reputation
  • Improving health
  • Increasing Fertility
  • Preventing accidents
  • Preventing legal conflicts


  • A review and explanation of the permanent energy of your environment (home or work space).
  • A review and explanation of the annual and monthly energy of your environment and how it positively or negatively interacts with the permanent energy of your environment. 
  • A detailed report identifying:
    • The significant influences of each area of your home or work space.
    • Items and cures you can put in place to enhance the positive energy and subdue the negative energy based on your permanent, annual and monthly energy flow.
    • A customized Feng Shui quick reference guide to show you the placement for your cures.
  • A call to review and discuss your Feng Shui analysis in detail.
  • Email or text support for any questions that come up after our call.

Permanent energy is unique to each space. Think of this as your space’s birth chart. It is calculated based on when you moved in and the direction of your home or business.

Annual energy is the same for everyone during that particular year. It indicates the macro impact of the energy on everyone. The interaction between the annual energy and your permanent energy will be different. Therefore, you will see a difference in the magnitude of the annual influence on each person.

Monthly energy, similar to annual energy, focuses on the influence of each particular month. You will notice the monthly impact more keenly than annual or permanent, because the time frame is shortest and it acts the fastest.