The crash course in Feng Shui that will
change your life.

This guide is designed to help you differentiate between proper classical Feng Shui vs. click-bait Feng Shui. Tips featured in this guide will give you a concrete understanding of how Feng Shui can help you and which Feng Shui tips you should avoid – all for free. 

Whether you are a homeowner looking for inspiration, a Feng Shui novice or a Feng Shui enthusiast – you’re in the right place.

What's Covered

1. What is Feng Shui?

Let’s get right into it. You can’t apply proper Feng Shui without understanding what it actually is. 

2. Different School of Feng Shui

Many schools of Feng Shui emerged over the (thousands of) years, each with its own purpose and usefulness. In this section, I will share with you the Feng Shui schools that are most applicable to you for modern day living. 

3. How to Find Balance with Feng Shui

You will learn to see a space through the lens of a Feng Shui consultants. What specific features you should focus on when we’re review a space. 

4. What You Can Do Today

To help you digest this information, this section will equip you with Feng Shui lens to audit your current space.

Who is Betty?

I am the 6th generation disciple of Grand Master Tang Yang Wu. 

I work with residential and commercial spaces to increase harmony and find its flow. As a result, the humans occupying the space are more likely to enjoy better health, more wealth, more meaningful relationships.

Ready to Get Started?

I have served clients ranging from millionaires to multi-million dollar companies to help them reach new heights. With access to thousands of years of Feng Shui knowledge, I can assist you in finding the balance that you need – and I’m excited to share that knowledge with you.