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Want to apply proper feng shui & get RESULTS?

This program is designed to help you implement classical feng shui tailored to you and your space. You will be guided step by step through the entire process. After everything is done, you can sit back and let life unfold to support you.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for change, a business owner looking for results, or a feng shui novice looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place.

Here's What The Program Looks Like

Fast track to creating a space that works for you

Get the definitive, quick start guide to rapidly changing the trajectory of your well-being.

Personalized assessment of your space

Learn how and why your space is and is not serving you. 

Clear step-by-step instructions

I’ll show you how to activate the positive energies and remedy the negative energies.

Complete at your own pace.

You will have full access to the entire course library. You can take it one room at a time or do it all in one weekend. It’s completely up to you.

Personalized Feng Shui cheat sheet

Upon completion, you will have a customized Feng Shui cheat sheet for your space. It will include all the key takeaways for your space, at your fingertips.

Private community support

Join others in our private community to share your wins and insights.

Have an odd layout? I bet someone in the community shares your predicament.

Feng Shui Lab helps you uncover the full potential of your space

It will teach you how to:

﹥ Demarcate your floor plan

﹥ Determine your ACTUAL facing direction

﹥ How to get an accurate compass reading

﹥ Determine your Feng Shui period

Insider your personalized Feng Shui chart

﹥ How to activate positive qi

﹥ How to remedy negative qi

﹥ How to activate your wealth areas

﹥ Where to place your money bowl

﹥ How to activate for relationship

﹥ How to activate for mentor luck

﹥ Recommended color scheme for each room

﹥ Structural Feng Shui do's and don'ts

What People Are Saying...

Uncover the full potential of your space...

1. Getting Started

Join the Facebook community for peer support and share your results with others. 

2. How to draw your floor plan​

Learn what is important to include and exclude in your floor plan

3. How to demarcate your space​

Learn how to demarcate your space into different directions so you know exactly where your trouble areas are to remedy. Not all of us have perfectly square or rectangular spaces, so in this module I will show you different tricky scenarios and how to handle them.

4. How to get your compass reading​

Compass direction is one of the most important pieces of information to get right. In this module, I will show you the many nuances to determining your facing directions.

5. How to determine your Feng Shui period​

Your Feng Shui period is not as simple as knowing the year you moved in. In this module, I will show you the different scenarios that might change your Feng Shui period.

6. Personalized Feng Shui Chart​

In this module, I will equip you with the Feng Shui lens to audit your current space.

7. How to remedy negative Qi

Remedying the negative Qi can have the most profound impact to your life. You will not notice the positive influence if the negative Qi is still rampant. 

8. How to activate positive Qi

Activating the positive Qi will add a layer of flow as you build momentum towards your balance. 

9. How to activate your wealth Qi​

Time to usher in the wealth Qi and let your space work for you. 

10. Where to place your money bowl​

Everyone has a unique direction for their money bowl placement. In this module, I will show you where you should place your money bowl.

11. How to activate for relationship​

It’s time to activate for love! I will show you where your relationship areas are and how how activate it to boost relationship harmony.

12. How to activate for mentor luck​

Mentorship and surrounding yourself with people that has your best intention in mind. Activating Nobleman luck will give you that extra boost whether your nobleman are visible or invisible to you. 

13. Color Scheme for each room​

Ready to revamp your space? Follow these color scheme to give your space a face lift.

What People Are Saying...

Betty Feng Shui’ed my space in March before quarantine for COVID-19. We specifically focused on my home office and ever since my Etsy income increased from 4 figures to 5 figures!! I cannot recommend Betty’s services enough!
New York
About 2 months after we made the changes, I finished a book I’d been planning to write for a few years. I’m now in talks with some publishers. My husband, who had been facing some challenges at his new job, oversaw some personnel changes. They brought balance, allowing for his success to begin. I am so happy we chose to work with Betty! We’ve seen so many positive changes both in our personal and professional lives. She made the process simple, efficient and enjoyable. I could not recommend her more. Start loving your space ASAP.
Long Island


How does the customization work?

I spend the first few modules walking you through how to get accurate foundational information about your space (i.e., floor plan, compass direction). Then you will submit that information to me so I can create an customized feng shui energetic blueprint specifically for your space. 

Does this work if I have multiple floors?

Yes, I will explain how to apply your feng shui energetic blueprint to the different floors. 

What types of support do you offer?

There is a private Facebook community page where you can post all your questions. However, if your question is private (i.e. relating to your location), you can email me directly. 

What People Are Saying...

If you are concerned with the energy in your home, how to use your home for success in love and life, if you are concerned with creating a peaceful home, then I highly recommend Betty the Feng Shui Canary! She is excellent! Like a canary in a coal mine she flies into your life to warn you of danger. But more than that, she also teaches you how to optimize your home. I received a 15 page report that went down to the smallest detail of how to make my home work for me: colors, where to put furniture, which elements to include/exclude. It was all there. Betty is generous with her time and expertise. She is so giving. I am excited for my future in my home and all the positive energy that will blossom here now. I loved working with her and I know you will, too.
New Jersey
This was a brilliant experience. Betty was so lovely and although Chinese metaphysics is super complicated, she gave some key points for which is now part of my everyday life. So much so that by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of my elements and other elements around me, while searching for a new home I recognized my energy when visiting new places and assessing old. And how found the perfect place to call home. Having this chart is an excellent way for me to just notice the natural order of my life and to flow with the organic structure for which my life is designed now and in the future. I have referred Betty to many friends and will continue to do so.

I am the 5th generation disciple of Feng Shui Grand Master Tang Yang Wu. 

I work on residential and commercial spaces to increase harmony and find its flow. As a result, the humans occupying the space are more likely to enjoy better health, more wealth, and more meaningful relationships.



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