Z Feng Shui for Money

Do you want to earn more money with less effort and stress?

Are you always on the hunt for the next hustle?

Have you noticed a trend with your money flow? For instance, whenever you get paid or get a bonus, something always come up where you need to spend it.

You are not alone! I’ll show you ways to activate your space to attract more money and keep it!

Okay, so how do we do it? What is Feng Shui anyway?

Well before I dive into what Feng Shui is, I want you to understand what Feng Shui is not.

If you google “Feng Shui” you will inevitably come across these charts below. What is depicted on these charts is NOT classical Feng Shui!

These are a gross generalization of Feng Shui to appeal to the western culture. It is simply not true that everyone’s wealth sector is in the southeast or the career sector is in the north. There is no one size fits all Feng Shui.

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Okay, let’s discuss how classical Feng Shui can help you and what you should expect.

First of all, what is classical Feng Shui?

Classical Feng Shui looks at the space (i.e. architectural structure) and time, which is akin to a birth chart for your home. The chart below is an example of a flying star chart.

Feng Shui is all about striking a balance between the different energies (i.e. numbers) at play within each sector. Each number has its own significance and I look at the interaction of each number and its element to enhance and subdue energies.

We overlay the energies calculated in your chart onto your floor plan.

  1. You will get a customized flying star chart for your home.
  2. Activate the sector where career and money is supported and in abundance.
  3. Suggestions to arrange furniture to face the most auspicious energy.
  4. Add or remove object with specific elements (i.e. fire, earth, metal, water, wood) to different sectors of your home.
  5. Tap into the money energy specific to this year.
  6. Placement of your money bowl.


Chinese bazi (birth chart) review to determine –

  1. What type of career/job gives you the highest money making potential.
  2. Timing on when you will come into opportunity to make a lot of money.
  3. Should you work for yourself or work for someone else?

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