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Submit Information
  1. Floor plan
  2. Birthday
  3. Compass Directions
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  5. Video walk through
  6. Feng Shui period

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Step 4
Assessment Period

At this point, I will have received all your information and I will be deep in the rabbit hole of analyzing your space. This process typically takes about 1 week, timing varies depending on the complicity of your space.

Step 5
Implement Feng Shui Recommendations

By this point, you will have your custom Feng Shui report in hand. At your own pace, you can implement all of the Feng Shui recommendations.

  1. Birth chart activations for relationship and money
  2. Furniture arrangement
  3. Shift your decor based on the permanent energy
  4. Layer on annual and monthly energy for individual spaces, as applicable.
Step 6
Follow Up Support

This part varies from person to person. I've had clients run with the report and implement my suggestions with ease. I've had other clients who would prefer that we walk through everything together, and everything in between. Whatever your comfort level is, I am always there to support you. 


No one, including Feng Shui consultants, have perfect Feng Shui. We all have a mix of positive and negative energies. Knowing what aspect of life the negative energy will impact and what we can do to minimize the effect is the ultimate game-changer. No matter how dire the situation, there is always something you can do to make it incrementally better than where you are now. Feng Shui will not give you overnight success. No one can. But if you don’t take any action, it is guaranteed to keep success at bay.

That is okay. Implement as much as you can. For example, if I suggest something for one corner of your space that requires a power outlet. But if you don’t have one, then that may be something you skip for now. We can figure out what other alternatives are possible for you to achieve the same results.

Starting in October, I am already planning for the next year’s Feng Shui. For you, as a veteran Feng Shui canary, you get a 50% discount on your annual Feng Shui FOR LIFE! As long as you still live in the same space, you will always be entitled to this discount.