Catie Z. (New York)

I’ve always believed in energy. We moved states right at the beginning of the pandemic for my husbands job, not optimal, so I really wanted to maximize positive energy to set my family’s new journey off right. I reached out to Betty at Feng Shui Canary for guidance, and I was not disappointed. Though this year has been challenging, my family has taken some exciting steps forward. Betty provides a comprehensive guide for optimizing a homes positive energy, and it was just what we needed.

About 2 months after we made the changes, I finished a book I’d been planning to write for a few years. I’m now in talks with some publishers. My husband, who had been facing some challenges at his new job, oversaw some personnel changes. They brought balance, allowing for his success to begin. I am so happy we chose to work with Betty! We’ve seen so many positive changes both in our personal and professional lives. She made the process simple, efficient and enjoyable. I could not recommend her more. Start loving your space ASAP.